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We specialize in local & long distance
moving and storage in south  Florida.

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Office  & corporate moves

We know running a business is hard enough. let us help you with packing, loading, unloading, moving and storing. Our team is working with your needs and schedule.   

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Our Story


The reality of how big did our business grow to become makes us especially happy, considering that initially, it all started out as an after-school business for two young friends Jack and John.

With some adverts placed in a local paper for a week, some equipment and a lot of passion about helping people and earning a buck with their hard work, these 2 young men soon became the district’s favorite movers!

What Makes Our Company
Different & Better?

Services Spectrum

When it comes to moving whatever size, We are here to help you! Call us today !


All members of our moving company’s crew are fully prepared, equipped and ready to make the moving process an easy trip for you and your family!

Professional tools

Move your belongings from one location to another,
with the assistance of our professional team of over 10 years of experience, we can help you with all your packing needs!

Mainstreet prices

We specialize in long distance moving whenever you are moving, Our fees are fair and very competitive. Call us today for a Guaranteed price!

If you’ve just sold your house and need to pack
it all and move it all to a new location,

That’s When We’ll
Come in Handy

If you’ve just sold your house and need to pack
it all and move it all to a new location,

That’s When We’ll
Come in Handy

Happy Customers Whom We’ve Helped to Move

Boris SmithJune 10, 2016

When I and my family of 4 were moving from our old house to a new location last year, we’ve had a lot of packing to do! Sorting 4 stories worth of items, furniture, clothing and miscellaneous other stuff was hard. Luckily, crew members of this company helped us out big time!

Theresa JohnsonJune 14, 2016

While I anticipated some difficulties when moving from our old house to a new home 300 miles away, they turned out to be some massive hurdles! Still, as this local moving company agreed to help us pack and drive it all 300 miles away, we were finally able to accomplish our mission!